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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Privilege!!!

Wow, what a weekend that was!!! First up was Millie’s Prom on Friday night and she looked absolutely stunning (if I may say so myself) and she had a fabulous time. Then I played in the Men’s Championship for the first time with 18-holes on Saturday followed by another 18-holes on Sunday. Thirty-six holes of Medal from the ‘Plates’ was gruelling and although I didn’t play my best I ground it out and finished mid-table after a tough start on Saturday.

On Sunday night I took Katie to Wembley to see the Eagles and it brought tears to my eyes!  They were absolutely stunning and when they opened up with six of them lined up across the stage harmonising it took about 5-seconds to verify that we were in for a special night. I’d forgotten how good they really are and besides being wonderful musicians instrumentally they all have outstanding voices and after 45 years together the connection between them all was staggering. Glenn Frey may have passed away but his son Declan stepped up and filled his daddies shoes quite admirably and Vince Gill who sang many of the old ballad-type hits was absolute class. They played a great mix of ‘sing-along’ hits that had everyone in the house belting out their tunes along with some seriously brilliant hard-rock jamming and guitar licks. After seeing them in 1972 it was a real privilege to see them again and to share it with Katie who grooved and sang the night away, and she was very aware of the sheer brilliance she was witnessing. It was an emotional night and one I won’t ever forget!

If you get the chance to see any of the old classic rock groups who are on tour these days go because these old boys are still incredible and it was such a great era of music, one of which we may not see again. Don Henley said it all when he addressed the crowd. Wembley has had Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles play this week and Don said, ” it’s been dinosaur week this week at Wembley, but the thing about dinosaurs is that they may be old, but they leave big footprints!”

And Sheryl Crow wasn’t a bad warm-up act either!!!

PS We had a 90-year-old woman in the row in front and Katie said she didn’t look a day over 72! (See photos) She had her first tattoo last year for charity and she was there with her children and grandchildren. It was pretty cool!!!