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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Result!!!

I was laying in bed this morning wondering what to do? Flat-light was forecast with high winds and a dusting of fresh snow. To be honest I was expecting a pretty tricky and my expectations were low.

My spirits started to rise when I opened the curtains and realised that the light was much better than anticipated. And instead of a dusting there was about 10cm’s of fresh snow on the ground. Ten centimetres on the ground adds up to a lot more in the lee and suddenly it was game on.

Thomas and I opened up with a run on piste down the Face du Bellevarde. It was groomed and in the lee so it was a great start to the morning. Michael enjoyed it so much he called it a day and went home smiling!

We then skied one off the Fontaine Froide. It was more wind-compacted but still good skiing. Next up we decided on some adventure and skied the Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder. There was some great snow, fantastic ambiance, chamois and a herd of soldiers! We were banking on the exit being easier with the fresh snow and thankfully it was.

After so much time in Tignes lately it was time for a change of scenery. So we then skied a surprisingly good Super L into the newly groomed and open L. (What a difference that makes!) From there we finished the morning with a couple of good runs off the Lower Combe du Signal.

It was another of those ‘low-expectations-but-great-result’ mornings and thoroughly enjoyable.

Last night was another terrific evening in the Danois. Karen and Andreas put on a great show and it’s such a fantastic way to finish the week! I always look forward to it and we had a big ‘Alpine’ crowd there last night.

Heavy snow is forecast this evening so stay tuned for more news tomorrow!