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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Result!!!

Wow, what a result that was! Chris and I returned to our ‘once-every-five-years’ itinerary, which we did six days ago! With hindsight we tried a different route, which turned to have much better than expected snow. I’d never been that way before so we had to follow my nose, which added to the fun. (See photos)

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow yet as it’s important to enjoy today first. It was a cracking morning and needs to be savoured. With limited options it’s extremely difficult so you don’t want to give yourself a headache worrying about tomorrow.

Thomas wass in Les Arcs today, JM wass off ‘skinning’ and Herny had a private. Andreas had the day off and was hoping to tidy up his summer building projects.

As mentioned a couple of days ago the streets are incredibly dangerous again. If you need street-crampons you can get them at Jean Sports. I’m wearing mine now and definitely recommend them because you could do yourself some serious damage. Once it freezes up it’s nasty in the dark!

Stay tuned!