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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Result!!!

It was just Thomas and I this morning and Thomas fancied a Terre Rouge (Glacier Suspendu) or a Col des Ves but we decided on Terre Rouge and what a result. It was jolly hot walking up but we found some fantastic ‘leftovers’ and lots of space to make fresh tracks. Fortunately the people who have been up there recently didn’t totally trash the place so we were rewarded for our efforts with some brilliant winter snow on the more northerly slopes, some warm powder when forced off the north, and some good spring snow at the bottom. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and considering how tough it is out there our morning really couldn’t have been any better! (see photos)

Doug must be doing something right has he has been invited on Tash’s famous and exclusive ‘girls’ week and he was in jolly good company today. Bravo Doug! And it was nice to have Paul’s daughter Alexandra skiing with me this morning along with Ally, Will and Adam. We ran into Karen at the end of the morning and I’ve never seen her on skis before. If she wasn’t with Uffe I would never of recognised her but she and Uffe were having a ski together and watching their son Leo race before having lunch.

Millie is playing in a knock-out golf match today and the forecast is for extremely high winds. Good luck and go Millie!

Snow is forecast for Wednesday so we have a couple of more days to entertain the troops before a little relief hopefully comes to the rescue. Stay tuned!