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What A Season!!!

What a season we’ve had so far! It has to be the trickiest season I that I can remember off-piste-wise for a very long time. With that said we’ve had some great skiing but it hasn’t been easy.

I’m so glad that Millie was skiing off-piste last week as conditions were much easier. We had some brilliant powder with quite a few options. But Saturday’s wind did some serious damage and options are limited again, which has been the story of the season. Still, the boys are doing a great job making the most of what’s on offer.

Andreas and I went for a little ‘skin’ today towards the Crete du Genepy. What was fantastic a few days ago has been hit hard but we managed to find snow that worked. And it’s a beautiful and warm place to be on a cold day when the sun is shining!

After our walk I decided it was time to head to the Fornet to have a look in the Vallonnet. When I first peeked in I couldn’t believe the landscape! It looked like the moon after some sort of outer space storm! I’ve never seen it so shreaded and with so little snow. But we did manage a really good ski down. We had some souffle dur, some souffle doux, and a few soft turns as well. The ambiance was fantastic and the team really enjoyed it. (see photos) We then came back up for a run in the Grand Vallon to finish off a very good morning.

Andreas finished up in the Grand Vallon, Chris is on piste this week while Thomas was in Les Arcs today. Henry is back on tomorrow and we have Jerome and Emeric helping out this week.

We’ve had some lovely new French clients this week in Martin, Julie and Axel. They are all excellent skiers with great personalities and it’s been a pleasure to have them along!

After a couple of forced years away TJ is arriving this Saturday. I’m not too sure how long he’ll be here for but I’m really looking forward to seeing him. In other news I’m glad to report that Andreas will be back on the music scene on Friday the 11th. I’ll fill you in on that gig nearer the time.

And Happy Birthday to you Lou!

Stay tuned!

PS What a penalty shoot-out yesterday! I wonder how Mendy would have fared? I guess he couldn’t have done any worse than his replacement!