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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Start!!!

I had a weird and disjointed start to my day. First off some cat had s–t all over our terrace. So I scooped up the frozen turds, put them on a paper napkin, and delivered them to the doorstep of the cat owner.

That procedure upset my rhythm enough to forget my camera and radio. Fortunately Gill noticed my radio on the table and delivered it to the Gourmandine, but my camera went unnoticed. (So, no photos to accompany the blog today)

Then it was one of those, ‘what am I going to do today?’ mornings. After some humming and hawing I decided to head up to the Fornet and go over the col. After skiing the Mattis where Gill, Millie, Katie, Viv, Wils and Rosie went over top of us with a wave from the chairlift, we arrived to a power failure. The entire Fornet sector was down so I needed to do some more humming and hawing.

In the end we had a cracking good morning and ended up finishing about 1:30 as we went for an extra run. Johnnie Alpine said, “maybe cat s–t is a good omen?” (I did manage a massive head-first crash at the end of the morning and may have a little whiplash in the morning?)

The rest of the team headed to Tignes and I’m sure they all had great mornings. I know Andreas was skiing a Grande Balme couloir, but I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied.

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas tomorrow at the Danois. They will kick off at 5:30 and it promises to be another brilliant gig. Unfortunately I’ll miss them as I’m taking the girls to the airport. I can’t believe their holiday is over all ready!!!

Stay tuned!

PS It cheered up around 11 this morning when the forecast was for thickening cloud cover. The better light made a massive difference and certainly saved my morning!