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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Storm!!!

It snowed about 15cm’s overnight and when I look out my window this morning it all looked calm and fairly promising. Radio Val warned of winds at altitude but I was still optimistic but once outside it quickly became clear that we were in for a limited-opening type morning. The wind was ferocious and the only lifts open were the Fornet Cable Car, the Funival and the new La Daille bubbles. Stepping out of the Funival reminded me of years ago when Millie was 5-years-old and she and I skied down in an incredible storm, which she remembers to this day. I remember passing adults and thinking that they must be thinking, “what’s that ass doing with that child”! Anyway, the team enjoyed experiencing the storm and we actually had some really good skiing until about 11 o’clock when it started to become busy and tracked as with the limited opening everyone in the resort was skiing in the same place. (see photos)

The snow is forecast to continue but what we really need now is for the wind to die down and so we can spread our wings again.

My friend Francis and his daughter Eva are having a great time and I dragged Francis off to the Danois to listen to Ed and Jamie last night. Francis loved it and we’ll return again this evening for some more après-ski, although no one has probably skied much today. Stay tuned!

PS And Roger Federer saved 7 match points today to progress to the last 4 at the Australian Open for the 15th time in 17 years. He’s made it tough on himself as he’s had a couple of five-setters, which at his age is no way to prepare for Djokovic!!!