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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Surprise!!!

What a surprise and what a great morning it turned out to be. We started off in flat-light and falling snow and figured that was our lot for the morning. But, the visibility improved allowing us to spread our wings a little and we had some wonderful skiing . (see photos)

Besides being gratefully surprised with some good vis we also had more fresh snow than expected. The combination of the two made for a very satisfying morning. And Happy Birthday to Terry, who thoroughly enjoyed himself!

I managed to ski off a little cornice in the flat-light just before it started to cheer up. I knew that we’d arrive under the cloud bank quite quickly, but in my case not quite quickly enough. Fortunately it was a soft landing and the team behind stopped in time. We don’t want the lemming routine!

Fernando was absolutely fantastic in the Danois last night. With just his voice, acoustic guitar and stamping foot he put on a brilliant show. I definitely recommend seeing him because he’s one of the most talented musicians we’ve ever had in town. And he’s an outstanding entertainer.

Speaking of the Danois, don’t forget Karen and Andreas tonight. See you there!

Stay tuned!