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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Surprise!!!

The forecast was for overcast skies with light snow starting around 11 o’clock so I headed back to where Chris and I skied yesterday knowing there were still lots of ‘clean’ slopes without haggis traps and that it was a fairly easy place to ski in flat-light. TJ came along as well and the big surprise was that it cleared up and we skied in sunshine for almost the entire morning! When expectations were fairly low because everyone was expecting flat-light it is was such a pleasant surprise and we all had a thoroughly enjoyable morning!

I’m bummed about my photos today as almost all of them needed deleting straight away due to blurriness. It might be because my camera has seen better days or perhaps the cold is affecting the automatic focusing but I was very disappointed. I could tell that everyone would have had a nice shot or two because of the silhouettes through the murkiness so if you didn’t feature today it wasn’t because of bad skiing! (See photos anyway!)

It has clouded over this afternoon and with any luck we may see a few centimetres of snow but the sun is forecast to shine again tomorrow.

Pascale has volunteered to bring out my medication this weekend so thank-you to you all who responded. And thank you Pascale!

Stay tuned for more news again tomorrow!

PS Thomas was in action as well today and was in the same neighbourhood as TJ and I.