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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Weekend!!!

It’s been a great weekend as Millie has won the Bramley Ladies Club Championship for the third time!

She’s taken it all in her stride but I find the whole thing incredibly stressful. I worry through her entire round wondering how she’s getting on and it’s the same for Gill. Millie played some solid golf and gave a fun speech at the presentation. (Gill was also in action today as her tennis team won 8-0.)

Millie and Katie are dolling themselves up in some concert outfits. They are on their way to Wembley to see Harry Styles and are really looking forward to it. (see photos)

On Friday Millie drove Katie to Bristol to look at the University. I told one of her golf mates at the club where they were and he said, “blimey, when I was that age my mother wouldn’t even let me drive my brother to Guildford”! I wondered afterwards if Gill and I were bad parents but shook it off quite quickly!

After a weekend of worrying about golf scores I’m ready for a drink! Stay tuned!