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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What A Weird Finish!!!

Yesterday’s recce gave us some options for this morning. We knew we wanted to ski spring snow but would need to wait for the sunny slopes to soften. The early cloud cover was a potential problem but the clouds thankfully disappeared and weren’t an issue in the end. Thank goodness for that!

Chris, Thomas and I headed up to the Motte to ski some souffle while waiting for the springs slopes to soften. The souffle off the Cairn was excellent but once we hit the rain crust we needed to escape back to the Genepy. From there we headed towards the sunny slopes and skied some really steep shots through some avalanche barriers. (see photos) I’m not too sure what the name of the slopes were as I haven’t skied there in years. It was Chris’s idea and he did a great job with the route finding. Nice one Chris!

We then circled back around to Val d’Isere and I skied one off the Fontaine Froide. Chris and I then finished off the morning with the Tour du Charvet. The skiing and ambiance were absolutely fantastic. Anything steep and facing the sun was brilliant.

Unfortunately all good things come to and end and we paid our dues at the bottom. The exit was the most difficult I’ve ever encountered because of the avalanche rubble. Both sides had purged themselves. The sunny Charvet side plus the winter Lores side and the debris had filled the valley floor. It was incredibly impressive and the photos don’t do the scale of it justice. But if you asked me if it was worth it I’d say, “too bloody right”!

Thomas had a fantastic experience this morning. He was skiing with the Gladman’s and their two small children and they invited Thomas’ daughter Manon along. They had a brilliant morning and Thomas was so pleased to have Manon skiing with them. I’m sure Philip and Tash will have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well. (I remember my pleasure when Millie and Katie started to join my groups! Taking your kids to work with you is such fun and such a privilege. And skiing off-piste with your children is a really special experience.)

I’m so glad Thomas didn’t join us for the Tour du Charvet. He was planning on it but ran out of time finishing at 1:30 as it was. Walking out of there through all that debris would have been an absolute nightmare for kids on their little legs!

I’m quite exhausted after West Ham’s 3-2 win against Palace yesterday. It was a real nail-biter and could easily have finished 5-5. Now I’m looking forward to Chelsea v Liverpool this afternoon. Thanks Johnnie!

The sky is clouding over and tomorrow’s forecast isn’t that promising. But who knows what tomorrow will bring? Stay tuned!

PS The forecast isn’t as bad as I’d feared. Fingers crossed!