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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What A Whipper!!!

The sun keeps shining down and it’s stunningly beautiful. It certainly isn’t too hard to take. The pistes are empty (but that will change soon) and we are still managing to find some fantastic skiing.

Today Thomas went for a one-hour-forty-five -minute ‘skin’ while Chris and I ‘skinned’ for about 20 minutes. Everyone had some great skiing with terrific scenery and great ambiance. (See photos)

However, we definitely had more adventure than we were bargaining for! Chris and I skied the Sachette for only the second time all season. But talk about being ambushed!  We needed to traverse the top slope to get to the nice powder. Unfortunately it was rock hard and icy. I found it very difficult on my light skis without edges. Once I thankfully arrived I thought, “Blimey, this is going to get somebody!”

Fortunately my team made it across and I was really impressed with the way they handled it. Then Chris came in and he was slipping and sliding as his skis are worse than mine. Next up was new client Big Chris on his fourth day off-piste. (We had three Chris’s today and Big Chris is 6 foot 7!) Big Chris made it look relatively easy considering. Last up was Johnnie Alpine. Unfortunately Johnnie fell and hurtled straight down at an impressive velocity. Fortunately he didn’t have any rocks below and had a decent ‘reception’ zone. It was pretty scary watching him slide down at breakneck speed but he was absolutely fine at the bottom. Luckily he was shaken and stirred but still in one piece.

Unfortunately Johnnie left a ski right at the top. It was so icy there was no way of climbing back up to it so Chris ended up phoning for the pisteurs. Two lovely female pisteurs came to his rescue about 30 minutes later and brought the ski down to them.

Meanwhile Big Chris joined my group and we finished off the Sachette, which was really good. We then finished off the morning with the Altiport for a 1:30 finish. It turned out to be a rather adventurous morning in the end!

For those of you who are brave enough Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois tonight. It’s a five o’clock start so see you there.

Stay tuned!

PS It cost Johnnie 850 euros to have his ski rescued!!!!! Thank goodness for insurance!