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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What An Introduction!!!

I had Peggy and Maggie from New Jersey along with their pal Carol from NY this morning. None of them had every ‘skinned’ before and they had quite an introduction to it this morning. They loved the scenery, ambiance and were really impressed with the terrain. And along with Jeremy, Faye, Carol and Dixie we had a really good morning. (See photos) (It was Faye’s first day in three years!)

Chris, Thomas and Andreas were all in the neighbourhood as we continue to make the best of the limited conditions. It’s not easy out there but everyone knows the score and are enjoying the skiing that’s on offer. We are still going to great slopes with wonderful scenery. And because no one is expecting perfect snow we are all happy to be skiing the best of what’s out there.

The entire Alpine team would like to thank all of you who’ve hung in there and supported us through this difficult winter. After a season and a bit without work we all appreciate you skiing knowing we’re doing our best to make the most of your holiday. Bravo to all the boys as you’ve done a fantastic job this winter!

It’s the Lunettes tonight at Le Petit Danois starting at 5:15. Tchenko and I love them. They are very talented guys with a great play list and an ability to interact with the crowd. If you’re in town don’t miss it as it will be a fantastic apres-ski!

Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Chris and Dixie for helping out this morning.