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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What An Introduction!!!

There was light snow falling this morning and a punchy wind at altitude. But, for a flat-light day the visibility was decent enough for some good itineraries.

Chris and I headed for the Lower Lavachet for some vis in the trees and the snow was excellent. It was deep and although the temperature was rising the snow remained light.

Next up was the first Sache of the season from the first Col. The fresh snow made the traverse bearable and with a howling wind and little vis it was an adventurous crossing. Mark (second morning with Alpine) asked, “where are we going?” He wasn’t too sure at this point but I told him to keep the faith!

Once over the little Col the wind disappeared and we were left with some great skiing top-to-bottom. We then topped off the morning with a lovely Altiport for a 1:30 finish.

I love Chris’s style. He had a Serbian family of four who were totally new to off-piste. The light was flat, and the wind was blowing. And he introduced them to off-piste with the Lavachet, then a nasty traverse in a blizzard, and interesting entrance over the Col. That first pitch over the Col is pretty steep as well! The little lad was only about 10 to 12 and his sister wasn’t too much older. Bravo Chris, they’ll remember that one!

Meanwhile both Thomas and Henry had privates. They had great skiing off the Lower Borsat and around the Combe des Lanches and off the Col du Palet poma.

On the surface it looked like a pretty rough day but I think everyone had some cracking good skiing!

Katie, Jake and I had a brilliant apres-ski at the Danois last night with Tchenko and Uffe. I must say that the Revolverlites were bloody good and I’ll add Tuesday night’s into my routine. They are a great band with a bass player, drummer and an electric guitarist. And all the lads can sing as well.

Stay tuned!

PS The Serbian gentleman skiing with Chris went to school with No-vax and says he’s a really good guy!