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What’s Happening???

What’s happening with the opening and our ski season?

I really don’t know but I have heard a rumour. Some say that the resort will open for Christmas and then shut down again until the February holidays. This doesn’t make sense to me and smacks of a money-grabbing exercise to make at most two financial hits during the season. Targeting Easter as well would likely be part of the equation as they try to max-out on the three biggest commercial periods of the season.

I personally think they’d be better off testing the situation when the resort is quiet and see how it goes. If the resort can’t handle low levels of tourist activity it certainly won’t cope with the frenzied holiday periods. The holidays could send covid spiraling out of control and set us all back into severe lockdowns.

The UK government is rightly worried about Christmas in the UK being dangerous with limited travel and a couple of households mixing. But imagine the impact of international travel mixed with buses, trains, lifts and all the rest that goes with a ski holiday. Night Clubs will be closed but restaurants and bars won’t want to be left out and will want the opportunity to save their businesses as well.

The ease of travelling will depend on how the testing and quarantine rules play out during the winter. Better testing and shorter lockdowns would give many of you the option to come skiing. Jobs and schooling are the most import factors to many so let’s hope the government gets both of these issues under control.

We should know more when the UK and French lockdowns end. I’m ready to travel as soon as there is positive news about the resort opening. And I know many of you are raring to go as well!

Stay tuned!

PS These are just some of my thoughts and from what I can tell no one really knows much about anything at the moment!