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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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What’s Next???

What’s next you may ask? I would like to write about Giles Green and Rob Cochran, but both of those write-ups will take some time. They were both larger-than-life characters who deserve my best effort so I’ll need to think about what to write. I’m waiting for another piece of info on Gilles and would like to come up with a few more photos of Rob. Dave S kindly sent me a couple of shots of Rob and I’m hoping Chris has some somewhere?

In the meantime I thought I’d tell you a little more about Chris’s photo credits. Over the years Chris took the photos for three different books. He took all the shots in Marty Heckelman’s technique book. Marty’s book was followed by Fred Foxen’s book on technique and then Chris took most of the photos for my book as well. He’s been published in various ski magazines and took many of the shots that I used while writing the Daily Mail Ski articles. Chris also took all the photos that we’ve used in our brochures over the years.

Henry has also used Chris’s photos over the years for his various avalanche presentations. Years ago we attended many avalanches a part of the rescue team and Chris was always there with his camera. He used to get some funny looks and nasty comments while capturing some tragic events on camera. But, he stood his ground and snapped away and many of those shots have been used worldwide at various avalanche conferences.

Today’s photos are of Marty from his book and Jean Zimmer and I skiing in Sweden. It was a great trip and we were skiing above the Artic Circle back in our Top Ski days.

PS Today’s photos have slotted themselves in behind the Rogues Gallery!