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Where Did That Come From!!!

We thought that it had snowed another 10cm’s overnight but wow, in places there was at least 30, maybe 40cm’s! With the north-westerly winds we knew where the best snow would lie and fortunately had a ‘light-bulb’ of light around the Charvet, which seemed to last most of the morning. The Grand Pre was slow to open this morning forcing us down the Epaule du Charvet, which I didn’t mind because I thought it was excellent! (see photos) Then Chris, Thomas and I skied a brilliant Tour du Charvet and we were very pleasantly surprised with the depth of snow on the upper slopes. The rest of the resort seemed to be in flatter light so we circled back around to ski the Charvet again. Thomas had a go at a bloke who was guiding three or four skiers and they didn’t have beeps or backpacks. The guy said that it had only snowed 10cm’s and equipping people with beepers was expensive! Can you believe it? Anyway, Thomas and Chris continued on to ski the Tour again via the Couloir du Mont Blanc and since I’d skied it a couple of days ago I opted for the Face du Charvet with our friend Herve from the ESF. The upper slopes were superb with deep powder  and it remain very good right to the bottom(see photos). The ambience on the Face is always impressive and I toyed with skiing it again but Herve mentioned that it had heated up enormously since his first run so I decided to give it a miss and finished off a brilliant morning on La Daille.

Thomas and Chris finished off their mornings around the Manchet and I think Henry was up at the Fornet. I haven’t yet heard how Andres and Tansy are getting on today in Italy but I’ll add an update later.

I’ve had some lovely new people this week, Matt and Viviana from Toronto, Andy, Philip who flies jet-fighters in the Swedish Air Force, and Alistair who came along this morning. It’s always a pleasure introducing new people to Alpine Experience and I look forward to seeing them all again in the near future. Unfortunately I didn’t seem to get any photos of Matt today, sorry Matt!

Don’t forget the Guinea Pigs at the Danois at 5:30 tonight and since Andreas is away Karen will be playing with Mike tomorrow at the Danois. I’ll be there for both gigs and hope to see you there!

We are expecting 30 to 40cm’s of snow tonight with violent winds so who knows what tomorrow will bring? Stay tuned!