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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Where Do I Start!!!

Wow, what a morning of high-quality spring skiing. But where do I start?

I’ll start with Millie checking the ‘graph’ this morning at breakfast and saying, “Katie and I are coming Dad!” She’s been following it the past few days and knew we were in for an outstanding morning. And with it being their last day today I’m glad they didn’t miss it! (Unfortunately Gill couldn’t come but she did a power walk up the Manchet and met us)

I had a cast of characters this morning with Quentin and Charlie House plus Millie and Katie. Then Gunvor arrived with her 14-year-old son Gabriel and his 14-year-old pal Conrad. I knew straight away that the boys were going to be fun. Gabriel was wearing a giraffe helmet cover while Condrad was sporting a wild boar or something similar from the pig family. (See photos)

The first thing Gabriel said to me was, “you’re a legend!” Blimey, what do you say to that? I immediately thought I was under pressure to deliver some sort of a legendary performance. Anyway, it was an absolutely brilliant morning and all the boys delivered big slopes with perfect texture all morning long. Bravo boys!

Unfortunately I had to take the girls to the airport this afternoon. They had a wonderful time with great skiing and some fantastic gigs. And Gill got her skiing mojo back. She thought she was losing interest due to crowds but nothing some great powder and spring skiing couldn’t fix. She’ll avoid the school holidays next season as the girls are old enough to travel on their own. Gill will be able to pick and chose her ski times so it will be a little bit like ‘pre-children’!

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas at the Danois tomorrow. Hopefully it will kick off around 5:30 and it may be their last gig of the season. Do come along if you’re in the resort as it promises to be a fantastic evening!

And come on you Hammers!!

Stay tuned!