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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Where Do I Start?

Let’s start with last night. I thought Karen and Andreas were absolutely brilliant! Karen was her consistently superb self and Andreas is on fire. His looping is fantastic and his guitar work is seriously good now. And his confidence is growing with his singing as well. Together they are just getting better and better and I love my Friday night’s in the Danois. Long may they last!

A lovely couple, Ian and Gill, introduced themselves to me last night after the gig. They are long-standing Ski Club members and told me how much they enjoy my blog. They said they felt like they knew me a little through their regular following of the diary. It’s always nice when someone comes up unexpectedly and tells me that they follow my blog and that they really appreciate it. Thank you Ian and Gill, and it was great to meet you!

I forgot to mention Trevor’s close call yesterday. (see photos) We were coming out of the Charvet and needed to cross a little bridge. The bridge was about two metres above a little creek with ice and hole of running water below. I heard a strange noise and turned around to see what was going on. In slow-motion I just caught Trevor falling backward and head-first off the bridge. Without seeing him land I immediately thought the worst. I envisaged that he was stuck head-first with his head under the water. I moved back towards him as quickly as I could but fortunately he landed in snow was was unhurt. Again it just shows how quickly something can go wrong and two metres is a long drop onto snow, ice or into running water!

As for today we had a cracking ski and didn’t finish until 1:45! Not because we were skiing endless fields of knee-deep powder and couldn’t stop but what we did ski just took a while longer than planned. Stay tuned!

PS And thank you to Jean Sports for doing a fantastic job on my skis!