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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Where’s Wayne???

During a normal season I’m writing the blog daily and posting photos of the day. When it hasn’t snowed and the resort is tracked out we need to use all our experience and imagination to find you fresh snow. With each passing day it gets more difficult and we definitely want to keep our little stashes of precious snow a secret. It’s during these periods that I go into ‘code-mode’ and play ‘Where’s Wayne?’ Simon, who is a regular reader of the blog, looks through the photos each day and almost always comes up with the location of our tracks. His hit-rate is incredible and we often have a laugh about it when I see him at the Danois. Where’s Wayne you might ask? In the UK with my family. And like the rest of you, just trying to stay active and sane. Good luck to us all!

As Covid cases rise daily and the NHS continues to get stretched it doesn’t look very promising as far as the ski season goes. I know the Alpine Nations are pushing to open, but how realistic is it? The French have now pushed back the opening of restaurants from January 20th to mid-February. I’m not a scientist but I don’t think the new strain of rapid-spreading-covid has really hit them yet? And what is going to happen to their numbers when it does? There may be a little lull in France for the moment but I fear they will soon be following the UK and tightening, not loosening restrictions. I hope I’m wrong and time will tell.

One of the things I find most frustrating is the promise of openings and easier restrictions only to have the rug pulled out at the last minute. The uncertainty makes it really difficult to plan anything and get your head around staying on top of this mess mentally and emotionally. A prime example was Boris’ promise of a five-day Christmas period. The moment he said that I looked at Gill and said, “How f—–g stupid was that comment?” It was a recipe for disaster from the start and always totally predictable what the outcome would be. But, people around the country planned for a family Christmas. They made travel plans in anticipation, bought food and presents, and then were gutted at the 11th-hour. I think the people in the Alpine communities could use some honesty now and not have someone continually dangling a carrot in front of their noses.

I was going to get started on Donald Trump but I’ll save that for another day! Stay tuned!!!