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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Whoops, for the first time ever I forgot to do the blog yesterday!

The only two previous times over the past years that I haven’t posted has been after serious incidents on the mountain, and I hadn’t been able to post.

I had such a good day off with Millie and Anna yesterday that I didn’t get around to it. (see photos) We had a great piste ski and usually I do the blog after lunch. But, instead I watched West Ham v Chelsea, followed by Arsenal v Brentford, followed by a drink at the Baraque, followed by dinner at Bananas, followed by bed.

Sorry if anyone worried but all is well.

I’m the only one working today and I don’t have a clue about what to ski today. Stay tuned for news and photos later.

Well, what a great morning that turned out to be! (see photos) I had a cracking morning with new Alpine clients Simon and his son Tom, along with Johnnie Alpine. We were totally alone off-piste and didn’t see another soul all morning long until we returned to the pistes. Quite rare really, especially when the resort in rammed!

The temperature has totally changed over the last two days. After ten days or so of of very cold temperatures it’s time to drop some layers. It was really warm today and in a day or two we’ll be looking for spring snow. Just as well as there is no snow forecast for at least another week and more options will be gratefully received. There is some nice souffle in places as well and considering how long it’s been since our last snowfall the skiing remains jolly good.

I’m seriously enjoying my skiing and looking forward to tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Just watched Leeds v United and about to watch City v Villa! Thanks Andreas!