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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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I spent my morning with Thomas as I haven’t seen him for a week due to his Ski Club duties. We decided to head to Tignes and ski as much as possible since we both had ‘first-morning’ people. The Borsat Nord was excellent as were the meadows below. Next up was a fantastic Chardonnet with great snow and ambiance. (See photos)

Then Thomas and I made a bit of a boob. We decided to ski the Glattier which seemed like a good idea at the time. It was however much warmer than anticipated, even going as far north as possible. By playing with exposures we kept the snow as light as possible and we all made it down in time for the 11:30 bus.

Unfortunately the 11:30 bus doesn’t exist anymore! After waiting a while Thomas phoned the Tourist Office and was told the next bus would be at 4 o’clock this afternoon. (At this stage we had a chamois sighting below) We then decided to ski/walk down the road to Les Boisse. After about 5 minutes I was done by the Gendarmes for skiing on the road and told we should have checked the bus time table! (As if we hadn’t worked that out!)

Eventually we made it and everyone was pretty good about it. Thanks to Trevor for hanging in there as he was pretty tired. I had pushed him a little on the decent to make the non-existent 11:30 bus but he kept a smile to the end.

It turned out that Tash had skied the entire morning with her bindings set on zero! Philip had released the tension during lockdown and hadn’t cranked them back up. Hats off to Tash because you need to be skiing with incredible precision to ski on a zero setting. Especially in the steep with warm snow! Bravo!

Fortunately we finished the morning with a quality Altiport to get back in the saddle. Thanks to everyone for being such good sports and Thomas and I appropriately feel like a couple of dicks!

Meanwhile Jean Marc and Chris went for a ‘skin’ and had an excellent morning. I’ll go to ‘code-mode’ as with a week of sunshine forecast our options are going to dry up quite quickly.

Stay tuned!