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Winding Down!!!

Sadly for most of us our winter never even got off the ground. But for those living in the mountains many people had a brilliant winter with great snow and solitude that they may never experience again (depending on Covid). With ‘skinning’ as the only way to access any skiing there are some seriously fit people around the Alps. But, even for those dedicated skiers the season is winding down.

I’ve noticed that Chris has posted a photo of skiing down the road from the Pont St Charles. You’ll notice that a snowplow has left an enormous trench down the center of the road. Talk about a haggis trap! Thanks so much for all the photos Chris. I know many people have really enjoyed them during these strange times and you’re efforts are greatly appreciated.

Andreas has returned to his rehab centre to get himself back in shape with some intensive physio. He has his guitar with him to work on some new songs for next winter. He and Karen are going to do some Zoom practicing sessions and I for one can hardly wait to get back to the Danois next winter. Andreas also has his laptop for televised sports so he is set up nicely while away from the family.

There were a couple of tragic fatal accidents last week. With the season all but over a local man was killed in an avalanche up at the Fornet. And a couple of days later a local woman died when she accidentally sat on a knife in a camper van.  She severed her femoral artery and bled to death before any medical help could reach her. It doesn’t get any sadder than that! More info on both accidents can be found on the Radio Val website.

Sorry for the lack of news lately but I’ve let go of winter and am looking forward to summer. I’m trying to get myself into shape to play golf soon as well as being prepared for next winter. I’ve known about the two deaths above for a few days but held off as it doesn’t really make for a cheery post.

Hope you are all well and stay tuned for better news soon!