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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Winter’s Back!!!

After three weeks of brilliant sunshine and extremely warm temperatures so that everyone was in spring long-johns, spring gloves and sunhats winter returned with a bang today. It was -9c on Bellevarde this morning and it was forecast to cloud over and start to blow and snow between 10 and 11 o’clock and the forecast was spot on. I was expecting 5cm’s of fresh snow this morning but not a flake fell last night but the good news was that there was a teasing sun shining first thing this morning. I took advantage of it and dove straight into the Vallonnet and had a superb first run in glorious sunshine top-to-bottom. I thought the sun would stay out a little longer but by the time we’d circled back around for another run the clouds were already rolling in and a few flakes were floating about but we still had really good visibility for another run. We weren’t so lucky the third time around and were in a total white-out so we dropped back into the Grand Vallon skiers-right and felt our way down in surprisingly smooth snow so we ended up skiing the Grand Vallon three times and finished a bit late on a rather chilly and windy morning when we couldn’t see much. Bravo team! I’ve shunned the Fornet most of the season but have used it at some stage during the past three days and today I thought it was exceptional considering the options elsewhere.

Last night’s Guinea Pigs session at the Danois was brilliant as usual and we had an excellent turn-out of Alpine clients. Chris brought ten of his friends who are staying in Les Brevieres, the Farrer’s were there, as well as Ian and Max from America, Tash’s team, and of course Wils and Rosie with their partners Lois and Jamie. I’m sure I’ve missed a few and Tckenko and the rest of the ‘Pigs’ fans were also there. Next up is Karen and Andreas tonight at the Danois starting at 5:30 and I hope to see you all there for another great evening! Stay tuned!