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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wonderful Slopes!!!

After weathering the storm yesterday (in which everyone seemed to enjoy themselves) we were rewarded with a beautiful sunny day and some great snow. I started off with the Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder and Simon said it was the best run he’s had in 52-years! I said, “wait until it has 30cm’s of fresh Simon” but the point was he thoroughly enjoyed the vista, the scale of the slopes, the solitude, ambience and the trackless mountain in front of him. (Bravo Simon, you can come anytime you’d like and thanks to Rupert T from Mountain Masters for sending you along!) From there I was tempted to head to Tignes and my shoulder but the thought of skiing into Tignes mid-morning made me decide to stay local and next up after a variation into the ‘L’ was the Face du Charvet, followed by the Vallonnet to finish a cracking good morning. (see photos)

Thomas headed straight to Tignes and skied an excellent Chardonnet before skiing three rotations on Wayne’s Shoulder. Nice one Thomas! I know the feeling when the shoulder is in great nick and you have it to yourself! Meanwhile Andreas was back in action today and after a Tour du Charvet he headed into Tignes to ski the Chardonnet while Chris had Ricardo’s family and they skied the Tour followed by an excellent run down the Col Pers and through the gorge. (Henry is on-piste this week.)

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois tomorrow for après-ski starting around 5:30. I unfortunately won’t be there as I’m on airport duty as the girls holiday is sadly coming to a close. They’ve had a brilliant time and thanks to Suzanne for taking such good care of Lily and Faye. Tomorrow’s update will be late as I need to leave directly after skiing for the airport. Stay tuned!

PS Jerry reports superb conditions in Canada and he and Frans and Craig are making the most of it. Oh Canada!!!