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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wonderful Snow!!!

We enjoyed some wonderful snow this morning but it was a little frustrating due to a slow opening and some weird people. Chris, Henry and I went up to the Fornet because of high avalanche risk and warnings of avoiding steep grassy slopes on the Meteo France Avalanche Forecast and had some superb deep snow and could have had one of the best days of the season had we had a little luck with the Signal and Cascade. Once we arrived on the Glacier we dove into the Combe du 3300 and unfortunately some UCPA guide had taken a load of people down there and about 50 people followed them down. I’ve never seen anything like it before as there were boarders, families, rubbish skiers and hardly anyone was equipped. (Where’s Adam G when I need him!) Anyway, great skiing but a little frustrating but I’m sure the opening was slow elsewhere as well. Thomas had a private from Tignes and ended up skiing around Bellevarde and the Charvet.

It’s Karen’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Karen!!!) and she’ll be playing at the Danois with Mike starting at 5:30. Don’t miss it as it promises to be a great gig and I’ll you there!

And thanks to Ian, Adrian and Kari for a great meal at the Lodge last night!

Stay tuned!