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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Worth The ‘Skin’!!!

There was some thin cloud cover again this morning but we didn’t let that rain on our parade as we had another outstanding morning. The snow quality these past few days as been fabulous and we will not have too many better ‘three-day-blasts’ than we’ve just enjoyed. Jeremy hasn’t skied with us for a few years now and what a time to pick to make his comeback as he’s been there for it all! I’m in ‘code-mode’ as the low hanging fruit has been skied to death and I’m not going to advertise what’s out there but Chris and I did a double-skin today and were rewarded with brilliant snow. (See photos)

Thomas and Pietro are working with the Ski Club while JM and Oli are skiing with French clients. Andreas is down the valley tidying up his building work season and I haven’t seen Henry for a few days.

I ran into Ellie, Matt, Jesse, Lara in the Baraque last night, along with David Mac, Lolo, and Nico and it was great to see them all. Rob Wyld and his mate John also came in to join Doug, Adam, Emily, Tom, Jeremy and I and it was a cracking session with some great music in the background. Speaking of music, don’t forget the Guinea Pigs at the Danois tonight at 5 o’clock. 

We should have another day of sunshine tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that. Stay tuned!