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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wow!!! What a morning that was! It snowed between 10 and 15cm’s overnight with a little more drifting in with the wind and we had just enough vis early on to ski and navigate comfortably. It was a stunning morning and Dawn thought it was her best day of the season while Phil was making his first appearance off-piste for several years since his double-hip replacements. What a day to get back in the saddle Phil! Chris, Henry and I were all up at the Fornet and it was a maximum-turn session. I skied two in the Grand Vallon, one in the Combe du Signal, two in the Pays Desert and some bits-and-pieces on the way down. Chris took his friend JP over the Col at the end of the morning but I haven’t heard how they got on.

If today had have been the last day of the season we would have all gone to lunch raving about the last day but we’ve another five days to go and hopefully the weather will be kind to us. The sun is out this afternoon, which isn’t doing the snow any good, but hopefully we’ll get a little more snow tonight and some visibility in the morning. Fingers crossed!

I’ve a load to do in preparation for leaving next Thursday so I’d better get on with it! Stay tuned!

PS With the warm nights combined with the high winds and fresh snow there has been some avalanche activity and when the sun came out this morning you could see where plaques have released on their own without any help from skiers or boarders. There was a fatal avalanche yesterday in the Haute Maurienne where a woman was buried under 3 metres of snow. We’ve only five days to go but caution and concentration is needed as we’re in a bit of a potentially tricky patch.