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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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For the third day in a row the thought of the Fornet and a change of scenery popped into my head but fortunately I didn’t fall for it and headed back to where we knew we’d find good snow. And not only did we find good snow but we had some great ambience and wonderful scenery as well and it all added up to a cracking good morning. (See photos) Chris had been tempted by the Fornet as well but the thought of the CW Couloir was enough for him to come along as well and with both teams travelling fairly light we all fit in quite nicely. I had Paul W and his kids Alexandra and Nicola along with Richard F while Chris was skiing with Doug, Charlie and Chrissie. Thomas was in action today but I’m not too sure where he ended up and Andreas and Henry were off having ‘family’ days.

The forecast is a little rough for the next few days but hopefully we’ll get some fresh snow to work with by the morning. Much of the mountain is out of play due to the nasty rain crust and what was good is pretty much skied out so a fresh canvas would be greatly appreciated. We might get in a decent day tomorrow before the wind becomes a factor so fingers crossed!

I’m off to Johnnie Alpine’s tonight to torture myself in front of the TV while watching Man City taking on my Hammers. It’s never easy being a Hammers fan but this season is particularly difficult as we’ve an excellent team on paper but unfortunately on the pitch we just haven’t been good enough. Come on boys!!!

PS And a big Happy Birthday to Nana!!!

PPS Man City v West Ham has been postponed due to extreme weather conditions. Lots of flights from the UK have also been cancelled so if you’re travelling today we hope you make it!