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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wow! What a day that turned out to be!

Tchenko picked me up at 7AM and drove me down to my rendezvous at the Prefecture. It was really kind of him to keep me company and chauffeur me down the valley. I didn’t want the stress of driving and finding my way around Chambery while looking for parking. Thanks ever so much Tchenko!

We sat outside and had a coffee while waiting for my meeting. (Of course we were early!) It was a beautiful morning and really pleasant. When my time came I headed to the Prefecture wondering what was in store for me?

I couldn’t believe how quick it all was and how easy. They didn’t seem to care that my current card had run out 27/11/2021. A nice efficient young man asked for my papers which I handed over. He took what he wanted and handed back half of the documents that I’d paid to have translated. Then he took my photos and made me a Recepisse which allows me to travel and extended the validity of my expired card until November 22nd. (See photos) That means I can head back to the girls on Wednesday! And we can come back here for our family holiday in July and our trip to Canada in August is on. What a relief! Gill and the girls are equally ecstatic and relieved after a worrying time.  (Now hopefully the processing of my card will go through without a hitch.)

Tchenko and I then had a celebratory pastis before heading to Karen and Uffe’s place for a celebratory BBQ. They laid on a fantastic lunch with great salads, BBQ-ed meats and rose. Thanks very much for a brilliant afternoon!

We had a tour as they’ve been doing a lot of renovations since the end of the season. Uffe has done a lot already and it’s going to be absolutely brilliant when it’s finished. They’ve wonderful views and are pretty close to the lake so it’s an ideal location. Bravo you two!

Chris was suppose to go with Suzanne down to Chambery today but he woke up with a sore neck. He is now in a brace and not too sure when it is going to ease off. I’m heading up there now to have a quick bite to eat before starting to get organised for leaving.

Stay tuned!

PS Chris posted some fantastic photos of his walk with Suzanne and Stu yesterday!