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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wow Again!!!

It snowed again last night and with -10c at the top of Bellevarde this morning the snow was cold and light. The visibility was poor for the most part and after a warm-up on the ‘L’ we dove into the Grand Vallon in a ‘white-out’ and nedded to feel our way down the mountain. We skied right to the bottom and went into the Crozet to warm-up and have a hot-chocolate and at this stage I put my boot warmers on, which is ridiculous for the 28th of April! When we came back out there was a brief period of sunshine and it looked as if it might clear up for the morning but it came back in quickly and we finished the morning with 3 or 4 rotations in the Combe du Signal, which was fantastic! (See photos) The Pisaillas Glacier was closed due to violent winds so we were pretty happy to ski in the Combe where it was sheltered and no haggis traps were waiting!

Andreas and Jean Marc are back from their tour where they encountered so pretty tough conditions. They had to change their plans as on the first day it was blowing 180km/h in Val Thorens and the first access lift was closed so they drove around to Pralognan and stationed themselves there for the rest of their tour. Well done boys, it could not have been easy out there!

We might see a little sunshine tomorrow but I must say that even though we’ve been skiing in very flat-light for the most part we have had a few breaks vis-wise that have made a huge difference and the skiing has been outstanding. Say tuned!

PS What a terrific win for the Hammers yesterday and a huge point for Southampton who are now safe to fight another season. We’ve a lot of Saints fans who ski with Alpine and I’m sure they’re all very happy as the point was almost snatched away in the dying moments!

PPS And don’t forget that Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Coin des Amis on Tuesday afternoon for après-ski. See you there!