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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Wow, That Was Fun!!!

Wow, that had to be one of my most enjoyable morning’s of the season! Especially considering conditions and our options at the moment!(see photos)

After yesterday’s long walk I thought I’d go for an old fashioned ‘gravity-fed’ ski today. I had a plan which worked for a couple of runs before the imagination combined with optimism kicked in.

We started off with leaving tracks with an Altiport. Then we skied a pisted Kern, which was average at best. I then decided to be optimistic and have a little test for spring snow. We were rewarded with some stunning and absolutely ‘clean’ spring. It was so good that we circled back around to ski it again! (code-mode)

By this time it was then time to head up to the Fornet. We decided to be adventurous and skied an atmospheric and steep Danaides into the L. We had some powder up top above the cliffs, some soft avalanche rubble and a few spring snow turns. It was a lot of fun and is always an interesting trip.

Once up at the Fornet we finished off an excellent morning with a great trip through the Vallonnet. It’s pretty shredded up there but there are some nice passages that work well. Most importantly the bottom slope skis beautifully because sometimes it can be problematic.

Thomas has had a great time down the valley the past few days with Tasha’s girls team. It’s become an annual event and I can tell you they’re having a seriously good time. Rock on girls and bravo Thomas!

Andreas has had a brilliant week skiing with Ian and has been doing some training in the steeps. Meanwhile Chris has been on piste with Tejina and Claire and they’ve had a great time as well.

I’m waiting on a report from Henry because if it’s positive I may go that way tomorrow.

I had a great time in the Danois last night with Tchenko and Uffe. The Revolverlites but on a fantastic gig and the place was rocking.

There was a group of girls there who I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before? They jumped up and started dancing from the very first note and didn’t stop all gig long. The energy burnt was phenomenal and they were seriously good fun to watch. (I might have joined them if I wasn’t such an embarrassment on the dance floor!)

Andreas is coming back to play with Karen on Friday March 11th. It promises to be a fabulous evening as Mike and Ritchie will be playing as well. The plan is for Karen and Andreas to play a set, followed by Mike and Ritchie. Then they’ll all play a set together to finish off the gig.

Speaking of gigs a new band called the Lunettes are playing Thursday night. Tchenko recommends them so I’m going to check them out tomorrow apres-ski. And then my favourite gig of the week on Friday will have Karen and Mike playing together.

Stay tuned!