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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Wow!!! That Was Fun !!!

Photos are up and the match report will follow a hot bath. I’ve just arrived home at 3PM! Stay tuned!

Well, that was hard work but well worth it! Chris and I ‘skinned’ for close to two hours. We took our time and had a couple of breaks and we were rewarded with frisset and cold winter snow. The flats at the bottom hadn’t warmed up and we needed a couple of zig-zags to escape. It was an excellent sortie and we were totally alone. (see photos)

Meanwhile Andreas went for a ‘skin’ as well and was pleased with his result. Thomas is skiing with Adam G’s son Leo and his cousins while JM is skiing with his family. (I’ve no idea what Henry is up to?)

I was really pleased to have handled such a tough day as I’m not 100%. The Val d’Isere lurgy is trying to enter my system but I’m doing my best to fight it off. (I’ve tested negative both yesterday morning and this morning.)

Another of Alpine’s skiers last week has tested positive. Dave S has a bit of a cold but tested positive so he is laying low now. It’s chaos here as there doesn’t seem to be any infrastructure to deal with the testing. They expect people to rest but they aren’t making it easy.

There are also people in town who are avoiding testing because they don’t want to miss work.  I think it’s criminal to selfishly avoid testing when there are so many vulnerable people around. It makes you think twice about bars, cable cars and buses and I’m definitely wearing my mask. I admit to pulling up my neck fleece on occasion but I’m now masking up. And avoiding bars!

Fingers crossed and stay tuned!