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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The sun returned today and we had one of the best days you’ll ever have skiing! It was truly outstanding and Andreas and I hung out together today and had a ‘maximum-turn’ morning of outrageous quality. We warmed-up off the Verte before skiing an excellent Campanules, followed by a ‘as-good-as-it-gets’ Chardonnet, followed by the best Sache I’ve ever skied, followed by some bits and pieces en-route home and an fantastic ‘funky’ Familial to finish. It was a great day to have a couple of new people on board as Bill and Dave joined us and wow, it was memorable to say the least!

Thomas and Henry were in action today as well and Chris is skiing with the Ski Club this week, and all the boys enjoyed a wonderful day.

There was an avalanche in the Cugnai this morning but we haven’t heard any confirmed details yet. We heard that beepers were being used and I heard a helicopter but we don’t know anything more than that.

More sun is forecast for the morning but I’m going to savour this one until 8:45 AM tomorrow! Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!!!

PS My day couldn’t possibly get any better could it???

PPS Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a great double-header of football yesterday followed by a lovely steak dinner! And Dave and Bill normally ski with Aldo but unfortunately Aldo has been another victim of being taken out on the piste by an out-of-control skier. Aldo is working this week with a quiet Ski Club group so his injury could have been so much worse. Get well soon Aldo!

PPPS I’m having trouble with my landline and the best way to get in touch with me is to email or text me on my UK number which is 44 07952 882 518 or leave a message on my French mobile which is 06 20 11 06 07. If’ you’ve been ignored it’s because I haven’t received anything from you. Sorry!

PPPPS Thomas saw the avalanche this morning and spent quite a bit of time probing this morning. They didn’t get a signal with the beeps, and dogs didn’t locate anything and they didn’t find anyone with the probes so the Pisteurs called off the search after 90 minutes. (Had a quick report from Thomas and will find out more in the morning)