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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Wow! What a morning that turned out to be!

It snowed between 5 and 10 cm’s overnight. That isn’t a huge amount of snow but it did have a significant impact on the conditions. It the lee there was a lovely accumulation which gave a long-missed ‘powder feel’. There was enough snow on gentler slopes to keep us afloat above the breakable rubbish underneath. The fresh snow has definitely opened up quite a few options.

Thomas and I started with four excellent runs on Bonnevie’s drag. It was perfectly smooth underfoot and there was a surprising accumulation of snow that had floated in on the wind. (See photos) After that we had a fantastic morning with just enough light. I’m in code-mode so that’s it on slope info! We then finished off a brilliant morning with a nice Alti-port.

After being alone in tough conditions yesterday it was great to have Thomas’s company this morning. And tomorrow Andreas will be back in action after his Covid isolation.

Stay tuned!