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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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You’ve Got To Love This Place!!!

Wow, what a brilliant morning that was!

You’ve got to love this place! It never lets you down, even when conditions are really difficult. Even during tough times there is always something to do, which is infinitely more interesting than skiing the pistes.

When conditions are tricky you know that a change is just around the corner. It might be fresh snow. Or it might be the wind that rearranges the surface for the better. It might be beneficial rain that not only stabilises the snow-pack but gives a support layer once the temperatures drop. Sometimes it’s the warmth that helps while at other times it’s the cold nights. And don’t forget the affect of the sun in a beneficial way.

A few days ago we were skiing ‘educational’ snow but a combination of factors has seriously regenerated the skiing. All the boys spread their wings today and everyone had a fantastic morning. Bravo boys!

Stay tuned!

PS Chris had three new clients to Alpine this morning and they certainly got more than they bargained for! And Andreas had a Spanish instructor who’d never skied here before! What intros!

PPS Don’t forget Fernando at the Danois tomorrow night. See you there!