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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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YSE has always been an honest and hard working chalet company. Over the years they have gained a fantastic reputation for going the extra mile to take care of their customers. When you book a YSE holiday you know exactly what you are getting. You can count on excellent food, great accommodation and friendly and well trained staff. And co-founder-and-owner John Yates-Smith is in the resort to solve any problems his clients might have.

When our season came to an abrupt end we all heard the horror stories in the press. Stories of people not being refunded money on accommodation that they never had the chance of using. Stories of staff being abandoned and needing to find their own way how. But YSE took care of all their customers and their staff and that’s why people come back to them year-after-year.

Have a look at the YSE website and go to ‘photos-of-the-day’. There is a lovely shot of Andreas’s track in the Grand Vallon, but more importantly is YSE’s promise to those of you booking for next season. I’ll leave it to you to read as John is promising refunds and suggesting you book your flights now with EasyJet before the prices go up. (See photos)

Bravo YSE and I for one am very happy to know that YSE will be trying to operate next season. Stay tuned and check out the YSE website!