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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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What a start to my day! I woke at 6 o’clock to have a wee and stumbled over some shoes in the hallway. After thinking ‘where the f—k have these shoes come from?’ it hit me. Some drunk had staggered into my apartment during the night, puked on my kitchen floor and after wiping vomit on curtains and walls collapsed on my sofa! Instead of enjoying a couple of cups of tea in bed while catching up on my sports scores around the world I was cleaning up someone else’s sick. Yuck!

That will teach me for leaving my door unlocked. My thinking was if there was ever a fire I wouldn’t want to be messing around trying to unlock the door. Sadly, I’m now going to lock myself in at night!

Now on to the skiing. It was -18C this morning and it was grey with light snow falling. With it being too cold for the Fornet and no vis Chris and I headed up Bellevarde. Options were extremely limited but fortunately we had just enough light filtering through to make the most of what was on offer. (see photos) After a hot chocolate my team stopped about halfway through the morning and I think Chris may have carried on.

I’m preparing for a big afternoon of sport at Johnny Alpine’s. First up is Man City v West Ham (fingers crossed) followed by Chelsea v Man U, and then on to one of John’s famous curries.

We had a brilliant evening in the Danois last night as Karen and Andreas put on another great performance. Andreas was a little disappointed because of some technical issues early on but they were quickly forgotten as picked up the pace and finished in style. Bravo!!!

Stay tuned!

PS Hopefully this new Covid panic isn’t going to ruin our winter!