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Olivier, TJ et Jean Marc

Off Piste & Back Country Skiing Specialists

About Us

All the members of our ALPINE EXPERIENCE team have several things in common: a love of the mountains, a caring attitude towards our planet, a team-first approach, and a desire to share our stunning environment with you.

Our team comes from different backgrounds with several Frenchman, a French/Australian, a Canadian, an Italian, a Scotsman and an American but we all have the common bond of an incredible passion for what we do. We are a tight-knit group who have worked together for many years, (some of us for over 30 years now) and we take our skiing very seriously but joyously at the same time. Each day is different and we strive to find you best skiing possible and to ski with a sense of adventure that suits the levels of all our groups. Our guides understand that some people are timid and need a gentle introduction while others are more advanced and may be looking for more testing terrain and a brisker pace. The Alpine team knows how to stretch our clients and turn them into better skiers while delivering a sense of accomplishment that keeps them coming back for more.

Over the years we have built a ‘family-type’ atmosphere where our clients really feel a part of what we do. Our existing clientele share our values and readily welcome any new skiers on board so if you’re travelling alone don’t hesitate to join us  as you’ll make new friends and have someone to share a drink or meal with at the end of the day.

In our search for the best skiing available safety is our number one priority and because we ski off-piste daily, no matter what the weather, we know what the local snow conditions are and not only what slopes to ski, but most importantly, when!