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Val-d'Isere off Piste & Back Country Skiing Specialists


Half-Day Tour
‘Skinning’ time : 1hr45
Vertical climb : 400m
Downhill vertical drop: between 900 and 1300 metres

Ski freerando les Terres Rouges in Tignes

Les Terres Rouges is a magnificent off-piste itinerary above the Vallon de Sache bordering Tignes. It takes a good level of fitness and ski touring experience. The climb is against south facing slopes so it offers some warmth in cold weather, but can be a hot, testing climb later in the season.

This famous itinerary is accessed by the Aiguille Percee Chairlift, followed by a lovely ski from the summit down on a steep north facing slope before putting on ‘skins’.

Freerando off-piste Les Terres Rouges Val-d'Isere
Off-piste Les Terres Rouges in the Tignes Val-d'Isere sector

A Magnificent tour if you’re in Tignes Val d’Isere

The climb is underneath the impressive Glacier Suspendu with the Dome de la Sache (3588) in the background.

Ski off-piste in the heart of the Vanoise

Here we are in the Vanoise National Park, in the heart of the Vanoise. You may be able to spot some bouquetins and chamois while soaking in the stunning panorama. Across the valley are views of the Aiguille de la Grande Sassiere (3747m) and Tsanteleina (3601m), which separate France from Italy’s Aosta Valley. The climb starts gently at 2450 metres but becomes steeper, and has a couple of ‘technical’ sections where kick-turns and the use of couteaux may be necessary.

The Objective is Terres Rouges

Le Col de la Sache isn’t far, and is an additional option with fit skiers, but the main objective is Terres Rouges. Terres Rouges offers snow that is protected from the wind by the Grande Parei (3353m), and is often superb in quality. From the start of the descent there is 1200 vertical metres to reward the physical efforts of the climb. After a succession of vast gullies of fantastic powder there are two ways to exit the Terres Rouges, and the decent ends in the village of Les Brevieres.

At Alpine Experience we share information on snow quality and stability on a daily basis. This is essential in finding you the finest snow, and more importantly, the safest routes on the day. Whichever of the two exits we chose; it will be the best route on the day balancing snow quality and safety.

Those who have the chance to ski Les Terres Rouges will remember it. It is a fantastic tour rewarding a solid atmospheric climb with fabulous skiing and wonderful views.

Every day of the season, the off-piste guides of the Alpine Experience Ski School go out on off-piste adventures. If you’re new to off-piste skiing, or haven’t yet taken the plunge and are a little apprehensive, don’t be. Our off-piste guides and ski instructors are experts in helping you along. By placing you in the correct group for your ability and desires, and by choosing terrain that suits your level as well as finding the right snow conditions, we will build your confidence turn-by-turn. We will work on your technique along the way, and it won’t be long until you are laying down perfect tracks in powder snow, and a whole new majestic skiing world will open up for you.

Every day, the guides from Alpine Experience ski school in Val-d'Isere go on outings. There will necessarily be one that suits your expectations or your level. If you are a beginner in off-piste skiing, don't worry, you will quickly progress with us. Nobody is racing. We are here all together, and 6 people maximum, so that your technique improves day by day and to savor the fullness of this wild nature.